Canvs: Creating Art Together

Harnessing Creativity

Canvs is an online platform for artists and designers to showcase their talent and find work with individuals and businesses. When working on projects that required collaboration with designers, the founders realised that they lacked an in-house team to work with. Searching for the right talent and the endless emails back and forth led to miscommunication and delays. Projects often ended up derailed. The founders then realised they needed to build a creative community of designers to solve this pain point. Canvs aims to bring together the millions of existing and aspiring designers in India to harness their creative potential with engaging opportunities.

Overcoming Hurdles

For most in India, the nascent design sector is still an afterthought. Changing this perception and educating clients about the need to be more involved at every step of the creative process has been one of the hardest challenges for the company. For the same reason, it has been difficult to attract investors. Community-based creative services have traditionally been perceived to be weak revenue-generation mechanisms, and are thus often glossed over when it comes to investment. Fortunately however, Canvs has found a set of angel investors that have agreed to support the company financially and strategically. Attracting designers has been another challenge. For this, the company is attempting to generate meaningful work opportunities.

Democratising Design

A vital aspect of the business is the fact that it is transparent, with both the designers and clients on the platform. This lends it credibility amongst its community and ensures clients don’t face major hassles when working with freelancers. In addition, it has introduced better technology for designers and clients to collaborate. Very importantly, the company ensures its designers face little to no legal and financial hassles, which allows them to focus on being on doing what they do best. Canvs intends to provide an endless stream of creative expertise for companies to rely on. The vision is to make Canvs synonymous with design. The company is working aggressively towards expanding both in terms of the quantity and the quality of design on the platform, while expanding the list of organizations it serves.