Claypaly: A Holiday That's Truly Yours

Making Holidays Great Again

Before creating travel agency ClayPlay, Samin worked with National Geographic and Make My Trip. Nitin, the other founder, worked with American Airlines and Emirates. The nature of their jobs got the two acquainted with the travel business. Over eleven years, they gained a ringside view of the industry. United by the burning desire to change the status quo, Samin and Nitin got talking and made plans to reinvent and reinvigorate a slightly stagnating sector. This drive provided the building blocks of ClayPlay, which has been hailed as one of the ‘Top 15 Disruptive Ideas in India’ by The Economic Times.

Breaking the Clutter

ClayPlay puts quality first with its honest, simplified and hassle-free service. The company offers a customer-centric and bottom-up approach to travel planning: instead of bundling hotels, flights, activities and insurance as a single travel package that blurs the price breakdown, it separates each category and with that the item-wise costs. This increases transparency, customisability and autonomy for customers. They can now “create” their own holiday by booking an entire vacation or only elements of it.

Ensuring a Perfect Vacation

ClayPlay finds the lowest airfares, cheapest hotels, transfer options, visa assistance and travel insurance at the click of a button. Additionally, the website curates popular activities at different destinations. Each customer interacts with one agent and is offered live assistance via chat. Its trip management made simple.