Cloudcar: Cloud 9 Travel

The Idea

25 million cars in the top 6 Indian cities. Yet, a whopping 78% of them travel with just one person. But this is slowly changing with new companies like Cloudacar dotting the transport landscape. Launched in 2016, the car-pooling platform allows users to build a trusted community of fellow commuters. It’s a convenient solution for everyday problems faced by students and office-goers alike. An environmentally conscious company, it’s also manna for heaven for daily travelers with a tight budget.

The Race

The company’s success can be attributed to the skills that its employees bring. Its approach differentiates it from other companies in the segment: Cloudacar works with various categories of transport such as individual cars, Uber or any other mode of transport. The product combines individual car-sharing with cab-sharing. It also boasts of innovative features like “spotting nearby colleagues” and other features for comfort and security.

The Sky is the Limit

The company’s vision is to fill every empty seat on the road and introduce the idea of social commute among people headed in same direction. Future plans include introducing the product to other geographies in the world.