Dogsee Chew: Candidly Canine

Barking Up the Right Tree

Dogsee Chew is a startup that makes yak milk products for dogs. The idea came naturally to Bhupendra Khanal who is not only a pet parent but also a mountain-lover. He first tried yak cheese on a trip to the Himayalas, when he decided he wanted to experiment with the product given its unique flavour. The natural item had the added benefit of being good for dental health. As soon as Bhupendra got the green light from government bodies and vets, the rest was history.

Dogged Pursuit

The first challenge the company faced was competition from cheap, imported and sometimes low-quality products from Asian countries. Because India does not have quality checks for pet food, it was a huge challenge to explain the need for these to pet owners. The company took on this challenge head-on by getting several approvals, both local and international. Thus began a journey to spread awareness about pet health.

Victory and Vision

Dogsee’s success has to be attributed to the hardworking team behind it. It has helped build a hygienic set-up and reach 24 Indian states and 8 countries within 18 months of operation. The company’s focus on quality allowed it to stand out from its competitors. Product innovation and packaging also enabled its success. The target demographic comprises pet parents and dog lovers who want the best quality products for their dogs. Primary target markets are India and UK, with Japan and USA serving as secondary markets. The company’s goal is to be the global leader in making healthy and innovative products for pet animals. Currently, its top priority is to expand the range of innovative products for dogs and then for cats.