Drivify: Driving Growth

Turning the Ignition

Founded in 2015 by Prasad Shrivan and Jatin Kamdar, Drivify is a safe and smart solution for your on-demand driver requirements. It provides permanent drivers for those averse to temporary solutions. At the click of a button, Drivify helps you drive around and navigate stressful street traffic.Drivify’s target market is primarily vehicle-owners in the age bracket 30-55 who do not have a full-time driver. These individuals book drivers for their parents, kids and spouses who may not be comfortable driving. The app is also very popular among those who party over weekends and with office-goers who book cars on their way back home to avoid peak-hour traffic.

Burning Up the Road

The company’s objective was to make the process of driver allocation, invoicing and payment automated and online. It had to be customer-friendly and highly responsive. One challenge was that the founders did not have the requisite skill-set to build the app. Another challenge was to tweak the online payment system to include cash payments. Lastly, the company chose to remain bootstrapped for year to build financial discipline. The lack of funds did slow down things at times, but it also encouraged the company to innovate and work on generating alternate sources of revenue.Drivify’s quality and transparency of service has contributed to its popularity. The company pays well and makes it difficult for good employees to leave it. Over 90% of the calls at the customer service number were initially handled by the co-founders. This gave them the opportunity to not just get vital feedback, but also engage with customers and develop insights. That is why they have been able to attract customers despite premium pricing.

Looking Ahead

The app has created a buzz and a loyal following amongst car users in Mumbai. It has earned its reputation due to ease of use, reliability and unmatched service levels in its category. Having interacted with hundreds of customers to obtain a better understanding of their needs, Drivify is now getting ready to launch other value-added services available across the country.