Extracarbon: From Trash To Cash

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

ExtraCarbon is a green startup that helps you convert your recyclable trash to e-cash that users can use to buy various products on the website. The e-commerce initiative was launched when Gaurav Joshi and Anant Avinash felt the need to take community action for a sustainable future. They realised this could be achieved with a paradigm shift in waste management. That’s when they hit upon the idea of ‘carbon credits’. ExtraCarbon collects recyclable waste from homes and offices and sends the material for recycling to various kabadiwalas. Those who partake in waste management are awarded incentives in the form of shopping credits. They can then redeem these to buy various products on their e-commerce platform Jhoomley. The range of products offered includes clothing, gadgets, electrical appliances and other services. Members can also buy and sell second-hand items on the website.

The Green Routine

Gaurav believes the competition pales in comparison as ExtraCarbon offers a wider range of products than its competitors, along with a user-friendly website with the best possible prices and discounts. The biggest challenge for the company was to establish itself as reliable, practical and useful to users who were initially untrusting. Changing their perception was tough. Another problem was getting kabadiwalas to work for them: ultimately, they managed to employ them and help them financially.

Scrapping An Unsustainable Future

ExtraCarbon started its operation in Gurgaon & today it has 41,000 users in eight cities. In the next few years, ExtraCarbon’s goal is pan-India expansion. Gaurav’s dream is “to build an army of 1 lac+ green superheroes and continuously improve the waste management business”.