What Is SuperStartUps?

SuperStartUps is a badge of honour for the creme de la creme of the start up world. This initiative was first rolled out in India in 2017- the ‘startup capital of the world’. Now, it’s going global with startups competing from all over Asia.

What is the selection criteria?

Companies must be early-stage online B2C startups

How is the initial listing of brands generated?

SuperStartUps uses multiple data sources and crosschecks them against each other. Startups can also submit their entries through our website.

Is there any cost of participation?

There are no fees for submitting entries. However, if you are selected, a fee of 1100 USD is levied to participate in the program, cover royalties, get featured in the SuperStartUps book and to earn the right to use the logo for a minimum of 12 months

What are the ways in which a brand can leverage its SuperStartUps status?

There are many ways – some very novel – in which brands can make use of their accolade. Brands have used it in their stationery, product literature, labels and packaging, corporate brochures, annual reports, red herring documents, websites, print and television advertising, exhibitions, billboards and even as I-am-a-SuperStartUp badges that employees have worn to office. We will be happy to engage with you in discovering other ways too.

What use is the SuperStartUps book?

The SuperStartUps book is a rich source of authentic information. It may be referred to by angel investors, VC’s, individual investors, journalists, PR practitioners, agency professionals, students in institutes of higher education, peers in large companies, business associates, competitors, in fact any one who is interested in learning how start-ups have entered our lives.

When and where will the award ceremony take place?

The date, time and venue will be determined closer to the time and indicated at least four weeks in advance.

How many people from the participating brands are invited to the event?

2 invitation cards are sent out to each of the brands participating although we encourage more people to attend and support those receiving the award. If more people are attending they will have to purchase a ticket and we request that we be informed at least two weeks in advance to ensure adequate arrangements are made.

Is there a limit to the number of brands that can participate?

The number of brands participating is a function of the number of brands that have been approved by the organizing committee as well as the number of brands that accept the invitation. The SuperStartUps book may feature anywhere between 3-5 brands from each “Super Chapter”

What is a Super Chapter?

A category, which determines an industry vertical to ensure that a SuperStartUp is one of the very few chosen from that category.