Housejoy: The Route To The Perfect Home

A Fragmented Market

HouseJoy was launched in January 2015 to provide an aggregation of services to customers ensuring punctuality, quality and reliability. Realizing that there are multiple problems in this market (flaky attitude, sub-par quality), HouseJoy set about standardizing services across all formats. For a service provider, HouseJoy provides a hyper local matching of demand and supply which ensures that the service providers are able to do more jobs in a day without having to spend time and money traveling. They currently provide lifestyle and premium services like beauty services, home cleaning, pest control, laundry and repair services.

A Challenging Sector

HouseJoy operates in a sector with ample uncertainty. Unlike e-commerce, there is no certainty in the offerings. The service offered can be excellent for one person and bang-on average for others. So, managing the customer expectations and providing a frictionless experience and hassle free service is of utmost importance. Therefore, HouseJoy’s emphasis on process and quality has set them apart.

A Blossoming Future

There are at least 10-15 million households with a need for HouseJoy’s services in India. Typically, they would spend anywhere between Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 10,000 a year on any of these services. Moving forward, HouseJoy wants to expand further to capture this entire audience and stamp their authority on the sector through their differentiating factors.