How to enter

Any startup that has an online model and is operating in India, Dubai, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia or Bangladesh is eligible to enter for acceptance in the SuperStartUp program. Entry to the SuperStartUp program is free! If selected, candidates have the option to accept the award by paying a one time entry fee equivalent to USD 1100 (averaging to Rs. 6000 a month for a year) to contribute towards the infrastructure of the program.
This allows the the startup to:

  • Be classified as a SuperStartUp
  • Receive a top of the line research report with all relevant success parameters
  • Receive the trophy at a high profile public function
  • Be featured in the SuperStartUp book
  • Winners are guaranteed access to investors and VCs in India, China and Southeast Asia.

The title will be valid for one year.

To be recognised as a SuperStartUp, companies have to be nominated for the title by users.

Has your company been nominated? To know more, you can mail SuperStartUps Project Manager Bhavna Sodhi at, or call +91 9811102917