Imithila: A Riot Of Colours

The Art

iMithila is an e-commerce initiative that gives a platform to artists of the kaleidoscopic Madhubani school to showcase their work. The company offers a range of products from household decor and bags to clothes carrying intricate Madhubani prints. It also sells paintings, food and books as part of its larger vision to save and sustain the Mithila region’s heritage.

The Epiphany

Ruchi, then an investment banker, had an epiphany when she travelled back to her hometown in Mithila. Struck by the dazzling painted walls of houses and the luminous Madhubani illustrations, she decided that the artisanship and culture of the Mithila artists needed to be showcased at the national level. Ruchi then set out to establish a commercial venture with the vision to promote both the art and the artists.

The Road Ahead

Ruchi believes the company owes its success to regular innovation. Currently, the direction of its ideas hinges on consumer feedback largely from women. The biggest challenge for the company is to expand and diversify the range of products offered. Hand-painted t-shirts and jeans are next on iMithila’s agenda. The e-store plans to expand to brick-and- mortar retail in India and abroad in the next few years.