Indus OS – Operational Diversity

An Indian OS

Indus OS is the world’s first regional operating system. The founders created it to solve a major pain point for any in our country – the majority of operating systems existed in English, and the majority of the population was not comfortable with the language. The Indus OS currently supports 12 major languages and aims to digitally connect 1 billion people in emerging markets. Localisation, not just limited to languages, remains the company’s key focus.


One of biggest challenges for the founders was to establish value in a market that had seen several failed attempts at localised technology. This posed challenges as far as partnerships were concerned. Luckily, the company’s pilot study in Gujarat was a huge success and paved the way for future experiments. Another challenge was building the right team, which the founders were able to overcome through stringent hiring procedures.

Success and Vision

Strong partnerships, extensive R&D and a skilled team have helped Indus OS achieve enormous success. The company hopes to strengthen its partnership with the Government of India with the view of making Digital India a reality. Today, Indus OS has 6 million users, a 7.6% market share and various partners including Micromax, Intex, Karbonn, Celkon & Swipe.