INNOV8: Beat The Monday Blues

A New Way of Working

People spend 50% of their lives in offices that are monotonous and unexciting. Innov8 offers a simple solution to the problem with its exciting co-working spaces. Its mission is to provide SMEs, NGOs, startups, agencies, media houses and freelancers with swanky offices where workers can maximise their productivity. Innov8’s centres offer services like high speed internet, ergonomic furniture, lunchrooms, beverage services, recreational zones, “creative zones”, housekeeping, networking services and more.

Getting More for Less

Innov8’s workspaces are priced somewhere between your run-of- the-mill co-working offices and expensive business centres. Their customer base includes companies for whom quality, community and a productive work environment matter. The founder, Russell, has “aggressive expansion plans, but wants to tread cautiously as a few wrong decisions could prove very costly”.

Coming Soon

Innov8 has invested in R&D in its mission to become the most trusted brand for office spaces in the country. The company plans to grow by word of mouth and by garnering loyalty amongst its user base. Currently, the startup operates in Delhi, Bangalore and Chandigarh. They are slated to expand across the country in the next five years in the hope of changing the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs and employees.