Khanagadi: A Train Of Thought

Meals on Wheels

Founded in 2015, is a 24×7 online food delivery service that offers fresh, simple, prompt and hygienic food delivery solutions for passengers travelling by train. It assures them a wide variety of food at over 100 stations in 6000 trains. Meals are prepared keeping different tastes and dietary preferences in mind: the menu includes over fifteen cuisines including South Indian, Gujrati, Kashmiri and Rajasthani. There are separate menu for Jains and diabetics, and food can be ordered over WhatsApp with the option to pay cash on delivery.

More Than Just a Gravy Train

The idea hit Amit Deep Kumar, the founder, when he was travelling by train and had to starve himself because the train did not have a pantry car and food available at stations was unhygienic. Upon returning, he realised the need for fresh, hygienic food for travellers given the lack of invention and innovation in the sector. He then came up with KhanaGadi to address the problem at its root. It took him around eight months to develop the concept before officially starting the company with his other co-founders. The main challenge for KhanaGadi was to develop a relationship with food suppliers all around the country and give them an incentive to work with them.

On the Right Track

Amit believes KhanaGadi has been successful primarily because the quality of the food served is consistently good, the app is very easy to use and the idea is simple. The company is slated to be worth 150 crores in the next 4 years. During this time, it aims to cover at least 700 stations and wishes to diversify further so it can offer a wide range of delicacies to its customers.