Licious: Bon Appetit

Meat of the Matter

The meat-connoisseurs at Licious promise to put only the finest meat on your plate. The founders came up with the idea when they realised meat has a sprawling market in India. The founders then took a break from their finance background to do something meaningful and disruptive in this market. The company resolved to tackle problems relating to storage, delivery and variety by focusing on solving back-end issues including where the meat comes from and what kind of meat is best. Every product that reaches their shelves is carefully picked and fresh. The meat remains chilled even during delivery – right up to your doorstep. This was an emotional venture for the founders because they are, not coincidentally, die-hard meat-lovers.

Rising to the Challenge

A big challenge for the founders was the scepticism they faced when starting the company. No one trusted their vision because they didn’t possess MBAs. Another challenge was gaining trust from their consumer base. They did this not through pricing but by offering a “bundled experience” comprising product quality, packaging, delivery and more. Finally, assembling an experienced team was an extremely arduous task.

Bringing Home the Bacon

Growth for the company has been innovation-led. They’re constantly working on their product range: they started with raw meat and now sell pre-marinated meat, ready-to-eat items, home-style chicken, prawn soups and more. This level of variety consistently engages their customers, and it shows. 80% of the company’s business comes from loyal customers. While their current focus is on Bangalore and Hyderabad, they plan to expand to other metros very soon.