Medisponser: Healthcare Made Easy

Holistic Care Around You

It is staggering to realize that India is the 5 th in ranking for medical tourism. Everyday, patients from countries like Afghanistan make their way into our country to procure quality healthcare. Medisponsor is a web and mobile app that helps raise funds and offers fast and affordable medical facilities for patients and medical students. Some of the services offered include appointment aid, patient history database, para-medical facilities, doctor search, diagnostic and medical centre search, blood bank search, job posting and chatrooms for doctors, students and patients. It prides itself on being the first healthcare-related wallet.

A Perfect Diagnosis Doesn’t Come Easy

The idea for Medisponsor originated when founder Rahul Pawar made software for a doctor in Afghanistan. Realizing that there are major need-gaps in Afghanistan when it came to healthcare, Rahul visited multiple doctors there. Traversing through such an unstable region was definitely a trial. Another challenge was garnering funds. Finally, putting the right team together was no easy task.

Sponsoring the Future

After India, the company is slated to expand to the Middle East, Europe and America. The product will soon be launched in Kuwait. The founder’s goal is to bring up the company to a valuation of $500 million in another five years.