Melorra: Mined Over Matter

Wardrobe Mismatch

The idea for Melorra originated when Saroja Yeramilli, the founder of Melorra, noticed a clear disconnect between urban women’s clothing and jewellery. Their clothing is mainly Western, and the jewellery they have are usually heavy and traditional. This had led to a generation of under-jewelled women. Seeking to find a solution to this, Saroja used her vast experience heading design and marketing at Tanishq to form a clear vision for Melorra.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Rather than being a jewellery marketplace with various brands, Melorra creates its own designs using 3D printing. When it came to the inception of Melorra, Saroja left no stone unturned. The app was created by Hrush Bhatt, co-founder of ClearTrip, and the style feed was shot by India’s leading photographers. To stay with the current trends, she got her designers to scour all the Fashion Weeks of the world, from Paris to Milan, for inspiration.

Onwards and Upwards

Melorra’s jewellery is priced anywhere between 3,000 to 1 lac INR, with the average price point being somewhere around 18 to 20 thousand. A concern Saroja had was the possible lack of returning customers, the backbone of an online business. However, those fears were swiftly alleviated. “I was thinking the same customer might buy every year or so, but in the few months we have been active the returning customer percentages is in double digits”, Saroja remarked. With bullish investor expectations and an ever expanding customer base, Melorra looks to be set for the big time.