MilkBasket: Breakfast Is Served

Bid Adieu To Daily Hassles

MilkBasket brings milk, bread, eggs, butter, juices and other daily need items every morning right at your doorstep, free of delivery charge. The founders knew that customers today are busier than ever before due to hectic schedules. Therefore, they started the company in order to put an end to every metropolitan household’s daily hassles.

Bread and Butter

At Milkbasket, everything had to be created from scratch – organising funds and planning logistics were the initial challenge. The next challenge was convincing investors that the business model was sustainable in a climate where everyone in the industry was either shutting down or suffering losses.

Success and Vision

Milkbasket is steadfastly committed to customer service. With zero delivery charges, no minimum order and a no-questions-asked refund and return policy, the company’s customers always come first. These assurances have created high retention, as 90% of the company’s customer base uses the app at least thrice a week.The company’s target market is Tier I cities and its target demographic is nuclear or busy families with limited time. Today, the company serves over 5,000 families daily and will continue to expand within Gurgaon in the next two years. In the next five years, it aims to serve over 50,000 families in the top 10 Tier 1 cities in India.