Orahi - Pooled Solutions

The Whirring Engine

Both Arun Bhati and Sameer Khanna used to curse their daily commute. While Sameer hated the long traffic snarls, Arun was more concerned with the overwhelming air pollution and the adverse effect it was having on his health. It was this shared thought that sparked the inception of the company that is Orahi today.

The Green Drive

Carpooling is the answer to many of India’s travel woes. Integrating it into the Indian landscape and leading from the forefront is Orahi. Currently offering Home-Office-Home drops in and around Delhi NCR, Orahi has already cut down emissions equivalent to 55,000 trees. If that’s not enough, their three-tier security checks for co-passengers along with the lowest possible rates at Rs. 3.5/km has helped this community-driven carpooling system keep expanding.

The Endless Road

Expansion to other Tier 1 cities is a prerogative in the near future. Additionally, developing other solutions such as Home-School-Home is on the cards, but the founders have their eye on the bigger picture. They want to be globally known for providing safe, economical and sustainable commuting solutions by 2025.