Ornativa: Gem Class Heroes

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

Ornativa creates innovative and vibrant fashion jewellery inspired by global fashion trends. Its founder, Nabarun Chakraborty, possesses a lifelong passion in jewellery and jewellery design. After school, he secured a diploma in jewellery design and worked with various companies in the field. The company’s goal is to offer women the widest range of jewellery made with the choicest stones and metals. Its premium range boasts of innovative and vibrant designs in earrings, pendants and rings. Customers can shop online and expect express delivery.

A Diamond in the Rough

The founders faced obstacles at the outset given a conspicuous lack of funds. Starting in Kolkata was difficult as the city lacked an ecosystem for startups and there was no precedent to imitate. The company grew gradually by launching unique collections and by providing impeccable customer service to its customers.

A Jewel in the Crown

Ornativa believes in delivering quality products and keeping customers satisfied. It has a strong customer support team to address grievances. Nabarun believes the company’s policy of maintaining quality and its customer-first approach will help the company achieve its marketing goals. Ornativa’s plans for the future include diversifying its collection, launching a platform for customization and expanding their “limited edition” range.