Parentune: Tune Into Your Child's Growing Pains


Parentune is a parent-support community that was founded to assist urban, working parents raise children of all ages- from toddlers to teenagers. It gives parents access to relevant advice and insightful blogs relating to babycare, nutrition, health, cognition and motor abilities. By connecting parents with other like-minded counterparts, the platform promotes information-sharing. The company today boasts of a user base of over 1 million parents!


Parentune’s growth was bolstered by investor confidence which led to a second round of funding for the company. Today, the biggest challenge for the company is to expand its base, as a staggering 500 million parents remain to be tapped. Many of them are unused to the concept of discussing their parental problems in a public forum – these perceptions will have to be upended. Parentune’s success can be attributed to the team’s compassionate understanding of new parents’ needs and its goal-oriented and diverse set of team members.


The company has been the recipient of the HOT100TECH honour in 2014, is among the chosen few NASSCOM 10,000 Startups and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. Its vision is to support as many parents nationwide in their child-rearing journey – perhaps one day even inculcating modern parenting methods in the Indian heartlands.