Proptiger – Turning Dreams to Reality

A Roaring Success

Though everyone wants to own a house, the process that needs to be undertaken is scary and tiresome. That’s where PropTiger comes in. A platform where any and all worries of potential home buyers are laid to rest, PropTiger has come a long way in its 6 year long life, providing homes to about 18,000 people with a combined value of nearly $1.5 billion. Constant handholding, both technology enabled and ground support, allows customers to sit at home and search for properties online

This Tiger Does Change Its Stripes

One of the key reasons for their success lies in the fact that Proptiger constantly keeps upgrading and improving their services. Their strategy to do this is simple – they challenge their own methods and are constantly on the lookout for more efficiency. This is true of all aspects of their business, be it a technological upgrade or the talent pool. The PropTiger team combines analytical data with their expertise to understand the changing needs of people.

Hunter on the Prowl

Leaping from strength to strength, Proptiger is taking the load off the shoulders for many homebuyers. Currently, it operates across 9 major markets in India and is working hard to expand its arena of operation.