Rxpress: Doorstep Doctors


RXpress is India’s first online end-to-end treatment provider for serious ailments. Started in 2015, the comprehensive application allows patients to tend to their illnesses from the safety of their homes. RXpress offers continuous support from its team of global doctors to treat chronic disease, ranging from diabetes to Parkinson’s. The health management app creates personalised health profiles based on uploaded medical details and creates routine reminders helping the patient manage their medical condition more effectively. The regular review of this health chart aids in detecting early symptoms and warnings that are otherwise easily overlooked.


The primary reason for the company’s success is their stellar customer service. They have managed to retain more than 80% of its customers as a result. The disease-management modules have been developed with the help of leading specialists, ensuring a high quality of service.


RXpress’s vision is to become a dependable health technology company by offering improved medical outcomes. This is achieved through integrated health care services, disease management programs, self-health management and proactive healthcare through better diagnosis. In the next year, the company plans to increase its pan-India presence.