Squareyards - Be Square Or Be Square

Defogging the Looking Glass

In an opaque and unstructured real estate market, Square Yards is focusing on the requirements and convenience of buyers. Through the usage of powerful research tools and innovations, the company is helping buyers search and identify the best properties from a large database. Its financial arm, Square Capital, is also bringing further transparency, financial ownership and knowledge capital in mortgage decisions concerning the assets.

Studying the Plot

Square Yards is present across the entire chain of the property advisory segment – Research & Consultation, Property Listing, Primary Brokerage and Mortgage Advisory. This impressive array of services emanates from their unique Omni-Channel Distribution Model that leverages the right mix of digital & offline marketing capabilities. It features a multi-modal distribution force enabled with the help of a large sales team and channel partners along with strong digital buzz consisting of web, mobile, social media & PR.

Increasing the Acreage

Square Yards is aiming at capturing around 20% of the total transaction in primary real estate sales in the top 10 Indian Cities within the next 5 years. They plan on doing this by strengthening their sales team and emphasizing tech enabled innovations. The company has also launched a mobile app called Square Connect that is working as an aggregator platform for the Individual Real Estate Brokers.