Transcell: Stemming Genetic Disease

Who Said It’s Not Rocket Science?

Scientist-turned-entrepreneur Subhadra Dravida says her company Transcell was the natural and logical outcome of many years of dedication to stem cell research. The company’s vision is to become the global leader in the discovery and development of anti-cancer treatments, neurological ailments and autoimmune disorders. It aims to integrate the regenerative powers and drug-discovery applications of cell-based forms.

The Obstacles

Subhadra spent all her savings setting up the company as biotechnology is a capital-intensive area that requires heavy investments in infrastructure and equipment. Finding the right medical professionals to work with was another problem due to the highly specialised nature of the field and the tough demands of research. Today, the biggest challenge facing the team is to gain the confidence of the scientific community and attract funding. Powered by her passion, Subhadra stays positive and focused about the road that lies ahead.

The Billion Dollar Question

Transcell’s backbone is intensive research that is essential for the development of advanced medical tools to treat debilitating disease. This vertical comprises of three units. One is for stem-cell storage sustained by patients and donors, another is for drug discovery and the last Subhadra hopes will deliver the final product: the ever-elusive cure for cancer. Will this team of scientists alter the future of medicine and biotechnology?