Vaayu: Cooling With A Cause

Responsible Technology

Green technology is the need of the hour and the future of sustainable development and Vaayu is embracing it. Conceptualised in 2015, the environment-friendly startup is making a difference with its innovative air-cooling products. The journey began when Priyanka and Pranav dared to quit their day jobs, sold off their house to garner funds for the venture and embarked on the quest to invent India’s first hybrid cooling machine.

The company manufactures cooling technology for residential and industrial set-ups. These are machines for a veritable cause. The coolers and air-conditioners are made with recyclable material, cut electricity bills in half, do not emit heat or harsh chemicals and fight global warming: they're easy on the pocket and easy on the planet.

Troubles and Triumphs

Of course, it wasn’t an easy beginning: building a company from scratch never is. But with a bit of timely assistance from the Madhya Pradesh government, Priyanka and her husband managed to raise a loan that they used to set up a factory in 2015. Priyanka recounts how the couple’s indomitable spirit, optimism and resilience helped them weather the trials and tribulations along the way.

What’s Brewing?

Back in early 2016, the company’s operations were limited to Indore, Dhulai and Bhopal. Then came the outpouring of media coverage, prompting dealers from across the country to pour in with inquiries and orders. This proved to be a game changer. Today, Vaayu has a pan-India imprint. Soaring high with vaulting ambitions, the startup is spreading its wings to UAE, Kuwait and the UK among other markets.