World Art Community: A Bold Paintbrush

Palette Selection

World Art Community was conceptualised when the founders realised that the Indian art space was extremely limited. The company was established with the goal to connect art aficionados and buyers with the artists themselves, with the emphasis being on Madhubani paintings. The platform allows creators and artists to independently price and sell their work. While the curation process is selective, the company has ensured that diversity and creativity aren’t compromised.

Artisan’s Dilemma

One of the biggest initial challenges for the founders was managing customer expectations about the user interface and overall service. Limited resources rendered it an uphill task. Fortunately, thanks to a dedicated team, the company has been able to sustain high service standards and boasts of a loyal user base today.

A Colourful Future

The company’s goal is to aid the discovery of small artists in our country and enrich the art sphere. It plans to spread its wings internationally in the next few years as a one-stop shop for Indian art and handicrafts.